Stephen Hawking
Scientist and Author who was diagnosed with ALS and was not expected to get older than 25.
His life story is a heavy defeat and an absolute triumph at the same time. 
He proved to everyone that our mind can lead us to unachieveable things. It tells us to NEVER give in!
Marie Curie
She is the only female scientist to hold 2 Nobel Prizes in 2 different fields: Physics and Chemistry. 
She founded her own science institute and provided mobile x-ray stations (in a huge effort) to the french army 
in World War 1, treating more than 1 MILLION soldiers. Her discovery of Radium is used for many medical treatments up to this date.

Noam Chomsky
Is one of the most quoted persons and influential intellectuals of our times. His works on linguistics are considered as groundbreaking.
Today he is more known for his criticism on US foreign policies and his activism for a more peaceful world.
He wrote more than 100 books on linguistics and geopolitical issues. 
There is even a Bee species that is called by his name.
Naomi Klein
Journalist, Activist and Author of the books: No Logo, The Shock Doctrine and This Changes Everything.
Her vision for an economic system that is based on caretaking to prevent our eco-systems and political
tensions from collapsing are absolutely outstanding.

Sia Kate Isobell Furler
Chandeliers never got such a poetic hymn before. Sia is todays most successful songwriter and singer. 
Her happiness radiates and is infectious to many of her fans. Since she does not like to be recognized 
or perform at public places she decided to cover her face.

Leonhard Cohen
Canadian Singer and Songwriter. His songs with a dark melancholy, grief and dignity came within
a time of Flower Power and Rock`n`Roll. He was also part of the Climate Justice movement and was considered a great writer.

Elon Musk
Born with huge visions in South Africa, he founded PayPal and is CEO at SpaceX and Tesla today.
He is probably the most ambitious entrepreneur that might be traveling to Mars in the near future.
His career started at an age of 12 – developing computer games.

Serena Williams
She embodies the beauty of powerful women. Her father Richard (who took a few tennis lessons) made a 78-pages
plan on how to shape his daughters Venus and Serena to professional tennis players, before they were even born.
Her dad trained his kids every day until they started to play at tournaments.
Today Serena is the most succesful Tennis player worldwide.

Chelsea Manning
Her brave outcome with heavily disturbing material about the US war in Iraq shocked the world back in 2010.
Chelsea Manning got abused in custody and was sentenced to more than 35 years in jail. Media mostly only focused on her outcome
about her gender-change a few years later, instead of the outcomes about Guantanamo and other material. 
President Obama later reprieved her sentence. She was freed on 17th May 2017.
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